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Young Men Taken in and Done For

-- Dan Leno

As smart a man as ever lived was I when in my prime,
Until I met Miss Lucy Jaggs, she knocked me out of time.
I called there for apartments, for I'd noticed once or twice,
A card stuck in the window, and on it this device:

"Young men taken in and done for,"
Oh! I never thought that she,
The girl I left my happy home for,
Would have taken in and done for me.

Being a lonely single man, I wanted lodgings bad,
So Lucy Jaggs's mother then soon showed me what she had.
I'd not stayed there above a week when Lucy came to me
And fondly kissed me on my cheek, then sat me on her knee.


Of course, just like a stupid, I must go and tie the knot
That brings us bliss and happiness-but that's all tommy rot.
I don't believe my wife loves me, it's the truth I'm telling you.
A wife can't love her husband much if she beats him black and blue.