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  Present       Songs
  County Vaudeville       A Little Bit of Cucumber
  Video       A Thing He Had Never Done Before
    A picture of a singer   Bang Went the Chance of a Lifetime
      Down the Road
      Every Little Movement
      The Future Mrs. 'Awkins
  Past   If It Wasn't for the 'Ouses in Between
  Harry Champion   I'm Henery the Eighth
  Albert Chevalier   Little Bit Off the Top
  Gus Elen   The Man Who Broke the Bank at Monte Carlo
  Dan Leno   Oh! Mr Porter
  Marie Lloyd   Our Lodger's Such a Nice Young Man
  George Robey       The Swimming Master
  Vesta Victoria       Two Lovely Black Eyes
    Historical Trivia   Waiting at the Church
  Fun 1891 1903   When I Take My Morning Promenade
  Card Shop 1893 1905   Young Men Taken in and Done For
  Cryptogram 1894 1907    
  Image Swap 1895 1908    
  Tile Match 1898 1910    
    1900 1912